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Does pan drawer beneath cooktop work for you?

ChronkitchenI was reading a story about a $100,000, three-year kitchen remodel in the San Francisco Chronicle this morning when I came across this photo.

It’s a handsome kitchen, no doubt about it.

But I was struck by the pan drawer underneath the cooktop. Of course you have to put something under a cooktop. It can’t well be dead space.

But the idea of having to move away from the burners to get something from the drawer just doesn’t seem right. And wouldn’t stuff on the burners, like pasta sauce, splash down onto the drawer’s contents?

I would almost prefer to see two open shelves tucked under there with good-looking pots and pans displayed.

Is it just me?

Or is this a logical place — indeed the very best place — to put a big drawer for pots and pans?

Please, enlighten me.

(Photo: Eric Luse, San Francisco Chronicle)

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