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Downed Walnut Tree Milled Into Kitchen Cabinets

Walnut kitchen cabinets

The cabinets in this South Dakota home were milled
from a felled black walnut tree.

If you’ve ever had to cut down a tree around your house, you know how sad that can be. On one hand, the tree might cause you trouble. It might be dying and in danger of falling. It might shed leaves and fruit, or harbor pests, that muddle up your life. On the other hand, the tree might be stately and big, and that’s a sorrowful thing to see felled.

A couple in Mitchell, South Dakota, faced just that problem with an old black walnut tree in their back yard. Squirrels were part of the problem. They ate the walnuts then dropped shells with black walnut “ink” on the deck, and it was a constant mess for years. Finally the couple decided the tree had to go.

But here’s the bright side: instead of turning the tree into firewood or mulch, the couple had the wood milled into new kitchen cabinets. And they are gorgeous, as you can see above, and as was reported in The Daily Republic. (I would have chosen something other than brick for the backsplash, but that’s a story for another day.)

This is the second time I’ve seen cabinets milled from a felled neighborhood tree. In Santa Barbara, Bill and Becka Doerning had downed neighborhood acacia trees milled into cabinets and a countertop. They got the idea when they saw the beautiful conference room table used by their contractor, Allen Associates. That table was also milled from a felled acacia tree.

So the next time you see a neighborhood tree coming down, think not just of sorrow, but of possibilities. It could become the heart of your new kitchen.

Photo: The Daily Republic

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