Dust Digest: green remodeling goodies across the web

Written By: Kathy Price-Robinson - Feb• 27•08

GreenhomeguideRegreen Program set to launch March 14
[Regreen Program.org]

Solar Basics: Is my home right for solar power? [Evo.com]

Green remodeling ideas for home sellers [The Daily Green]

The greenest synagogue in the land [Chicago Tribune]

L.A. ready to enact tighter green building standards
[L.A. Times]

Speakers announced for Green West, May 20-22, at L.A. Convention Center [Business Wire]

Southern California Gas Co.’s Monterey Park facility earns LEED Gold certification [CNN Money]

Green building ‘webinars’ open for registration [U.S. Green Building Council]

(Photo: Regreen Program)

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  1. Dan Powell says:

    I was curious how many people start a major home renovation by first having an energy audit performed by the local utility or specialty house inspection company?
    We did not, and wish we would have. We have learned so much from our energy audit, both the different products available (such as drain water heat recovery device and tankless water heaters) as well as the little things ( such as timers for the bathroom fans and weather stripping the door to the cold cellar)
    In case anyone would like to see an actual home energy audit report, we have posted 15 articles (see how much we like our energy audit? :-) ) on our blog, Daily Home Renovation Tips, http://DailyHomeRenoTips.com/ecoenergy/ where you can see various portions of the energy audit report including the graphs, EnerGuide rating, recommendations and the like.
    I would be interested to know other’s experience with home energy audits.

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