Enlightened journeys

Written By: Kathy Price-Robinson - Jan• 19•08

Enlightenedjourneys_2I’ve been especially enchanted with several house photos in my collection, and I finally realized what they have in common: All of the homes use natural light to make the journeys from room to room more pleasant.

The top photo shows Claire Gunning, 8, walking down the stairway in her family’s Hermosa Beach home, which was recently featured in the Los Angeles Times. Claire’s uncle Robert Nebolon, the architect who designed the house, wanted the family to have a fun trip each time they used the stairs. The translucent polycarbonate wall accomplishes that.

The bottom left photo shows a "galleria" in a home in Austin, Texas, that I wrote about for Upscale Remodeling magazine. The architect and owner, Michael Antenora, also wanted his family to enjoy a bright journey along the hallway to the bedrooms.

In the bottom right photo, you see a small house I visited in North Fork, Calif., where the hallway is illuminated by a large skylight. I noticed that every time I traveled between the living room and the bedroom area I felt a lift. To me, adding this simple skylight to an otherwise dark and boring hallway was an inspired, and enlightened, design decision.

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One Comment

  1. lil_gaucha says:

    OH! I love this idea!
    We have a short, T shaped and dark hallway with an A/C vent in it that can be so depressing. I look at these and wonder if we might accomplish a similar effect by putting in “can” skylights?
    Thanks so much!

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