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Enough already with the long receipts

Is this really necessary?This goes into the category of: Yeah!

The blogger over at The House on Red Hill (Echo Park) wonders this:

"Why does a receipt from Lowe’s for a single item ($10.95) take almost two feet of paper?"

I wonder that myself. When the cashier at the grocery store gives me a yard-long receipt for one item and asks me if I want the receipt, I have to sift through a series of internal questions:

Should I take the receipt home and recycle it?

If I leave it there will they recycle it?

Is it even recyclable?

Tuesday, when a cashier handed me an Earth Day-themed booklet full of coupons, I kindly handed it back and said "In honor of Earth Day, I’m going to leave this with you."

See more of the remodeling progress over at The House on Red Hill.

(Photo: The House on Red Hill)

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  1. I wouldn’t recycle it, since it looks like a form of thermal printer paper, which can’t be recycled.

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