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Protect Your Family From Lead-dust Poisoning During Remodeling

EPA RRPIf you live in a house older than 1978, there’s a chance it contains paint with lead in it. Now don’t freak out. Even though lead when ingested or inhaled can cause brain damage, the paint itself is not dangerous unless it’s chipping off or is turned into dust by sanding and cutting.

In a home remodel, old paint that contains lead could well get turned into dust and will potentially harm your family and pets. Do not let this happen.

If professionals are working on your home, and disturbing more than 6 square feet of surface, they are required by EPA to get certified in how to handle lead paint. The newly enacted rule is referred to as RRP and a firm operating under the law will be referred to as a Certified Firm or Certified Renovator (logo above).

If you’re doing your own work, you don’t need to get certified. That means you must take your own precautions when working on your house. If you poison your family with lead-tainted dust, you have only yourself to blame.

To check for lead, go to Home Depot or Lowes and buy some LeadCheck swabs. They cost $25 for 8 of them. To find out how to deal with and control lead dust, do a Google search and you’ll turn up all kinds of resources.

Or, if you want to see how the pros do it, you can purchase a new DVD training program that teaches on-the-job workers how to protect themselves, the homeowners and their own families from lead poisoning during renovations.

To purchase this training video, go to Train2Rebuild.

To see a movie trailer of the DVD, watch the 2-minute clip below:

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