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Finally, the ‘Design Star’ final challenge

Jennifer and MattGod, I love this show! This could be an Olympic sport, don’t you think? Imagine a design challenge with “athletes” from all over the world — China, Korea, Australia, Italy, Japan, Thailand, Sweden, and so on. They would each get some wood and paint and tools and have at it.

Or, it could be like the Super Bowl. I’d love to have a party with my gal friends to follow the action.

Anyway, Matt and Jennifer had their final design challenge on HGTV’s “Design Star,” helping two families in New Orleans (a city that has grabbed my heart).

Each family has waited three years since Katrina and the levee failure, which flooded their homes. It looked to me like the shell of each home had been cleaned up and restored. Matt and Jennifer were each charged with installing a kitchen into a gutted room, and decorating a living room and dining room. They had 36 hours, $20,000, free appliances and free flooring, and help from carpenters and two past contestants.

As I write this, I’m waiting for the reveals. I favor Jennifer, so of course I want her rooms to be amazing. But I know there are plenty of Matt fans, and they must be feeling the same hope for his spaces.

How will it turn out? After this commercial break, I’ll be right back at ya . . .

OK, I’m back.

Matt's living room

Well, I’d say Matt’s rooms are more beautiful, stylish, classy. The kitchen was really nice, with the built-in appliances and the dining room rocked with the big crystal light fixture. The mod living room is at the right.

However, I’m not sure about that giant dining room table with eight chairs when there are only three people in the family. He did the same thing in the last challenge, putting four gigantic leather chairs in what was supposed to be a combination craft/game room.

Jennifer's kitchen

Jennifer’s rooms were not much more than OK. But the red kitchen cabinets were delicious! You can see them at left.

And even though she had some trouble with the placement of the couch, the point was to make space for the family. And I think she did better with the accessories.

One thing we know for sure: design and construction really shouldn’t be rushed like this. But oh well.

In my opinion, Jennifer is more tuned into people and their needs, and this touches me, while Matt has the better design talent (although his family was thrilled with his work). What do you think?

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