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Flash Bulletin — Mike Holmes is single!

Mike Holmes A breathtaking bit of news from HGTV popped up on my Twitter page the other day. Here's what it said:

What is our #1 question lately? "Is Mike Holmes married?" And the answer is…NO! He is single :)

This brings to mind a follow-up question:


I mean, isn't Mike Holmes, star of Holmes on Homes, exactly what so many women crave? He's a knight in shining armor, galloping in to rescue us from the bad guys (other contractors). And he's big and brutish. And he wears those undershirts to reveal his guns. I bet he even smells good.

Doesn't it seem like women would be all over this guy? Is he looking for a woman? Was that the purpose of the tweet from Twitter?

What's your take on this breaking news from HGTV?

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