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For design ideas, check out new So Cal homes

LatmodernhomeWho would spend more money researching future trends than home developers, whose big-ticket gambles either sell quickly or sit and lose money? As a homeowner looking to remodel, you can take advantage of the developers’ research by perusing new homes and studying the colors, materials and layout. Surely, this is the future.

If you’re into the midcentury modern look, two projects come to mind, one spectacularly expensive, one spectacularly inexpensive.

The rich one first: A $6.8 million beauty in the Hollywood Hills, which Ruth Ryon reported on in Midcentury style, but wired for today in Sunday’s L.A.Times, features two islands in the kitchen, an outdoor kitchen, and wiring for audio, telecommunications and security. It also has white terrazzo floors, 12-foot-high Douglas fir ceilings, a free-flowing floor plan and exterior walls of glass.

ModernlivingModernoutsideThe amazingly affordable house: Actually, this is a whole development of homes, Modern Living Spaces, that are less than $400,000, built on an existing subdivision at the edge of Desert Hot Springs, in the Palm Springs area. Models include “The Cosmopolitan,” “The Gibson,” “The Manhattan,” “The Brandy Alexander” and “The Bellini.” All are named after cocktails and designed by local architects. Homes feature sleek, geometric shapes and lots of raw materials, in line with the midcentury mode, including concrete, metal, glass, granite, and polished concrete floors.

Models are open Thursday through Sunday from noon to 4 p.m. There’s a good chance you’ll find the developer, Mark Bodon, onsite to answer questions.

(Photos: Modern Living Spaces, LA Times)

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