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Get the look for less — “Castle Chic” Kitchen

110516_150This room is meant to highlight the new GE Café series, but what really got my attention was the luscious look of the kitchen itself. (Click on photo for a larger view)

So that got me thinking . . . how could a spectacular kitchen like this be done on a budget?

Here are some ideas:

Ceiling: You’ve got to punch the ceiling up to the roofline to get this look. You’d be surprised how many flat ceilings are hiding an unused attic space. If you have a second story above, fuggetaboutit.
Beams: These look like expensive wood beams, but you can get lightweight, inexpensive foam or polyurethane beams that give the same look.
Flooring I think this wide-plank floor is bold, rather than costly. If you have the courage, blend light and dark pieces in this manner.
Rock wall: For wealthy people who want nothing but the best, this wall will be real cut stone. For this rest of us, Cultured Stone by Owens Corning or another brand will be a reasonable and handsome alternative.
Breakfast nook: This is the most appealing part of the room. And it looks to me like it might have been a service porch at one time. Relocating the washer and dryer to a closet or space nearer to the bedrooms makes more sense anyway.
View of a Tuscan village: Sorry, can’t help with that.

Any more ideas ideas on getting this look on the cheap?

(Photo: Courtesy of GE)

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