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Have Wheelchair, Will Roll … in the Bathroom

Accessible Bath Sink

As you can see in this article I wrote for Remodeling Magazine, a bathroom can be both standard and then accessible for wheelchair users when they visit.

When architect Emory Baldwin designed a Seattle house for his family, he thought of all this. Though his family is young and able-bodied, he also has visiting inlaws — who may one day move in — who need an accessible environment. Imagine using a wheelchair and not being able to roll up to the sink? What a hassle.

In fact, Emory designed the entire ground floor for wheelchair accessibility.

So when the wheelchair-using relative visits, the vanity cabinet rolls out of the way on its lockable casters. The house won an AARP/NAHB Livable Communities Award for its intergenerational focus.

Well played, Mr. Baldwin!

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