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Heated up over cooking

KittykitchenI disagree with Ask the Builder columnist Tim Carter, who stated: “I think in the future people are going to be tired of cooking.”

Carter was quoted in a Liz Pulliam Weston piece on remodeling trends, and he went on to say that pricey kitchen remodels may not make sense if people aren’t going to be cooking.

I have a question: “What?”

Tired of cooking? How about tired of breathing? I say we’ve peaked (or bottomed out) on fast food and processed food and we’re going in the opposite direction, toward real food and home cooking.

I cook for myself everyday. I cook for my husband (sometimes). I’ve been cooking my dog’s food for years (long before it was trendy).

And when we invite the family over for Sunday dinner, it doesn’t involve a bucket of anything. As the guest arrive, they are nearly intoxicated from aromas of baking bread (from the bread maker; I’m not so pure I need to knead). My latest craze is adding honey and finely chopped nuts to the recipe. Now when I ask people what I can send home with them after dinner, it’s the bread they want.

Tired of cooking? Not me. You?


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