Help! Your advice needed on this soon-to-be mama’s kitchen

Written By: admin - Sep• 04•12

Your Advice Needed Your Advice NeededSo here's the story: Sarah is expecting a baby in a few months, and she and her husband just bought this home in Los Angeles. She wants some advice on fixing up the kitchen before they move in. Here are some things to know:

• The home is in an expensive part of town, so a wonderful kitchen would not be out of place.

• However, Sarah doesn't have a ton of money for the remodel.

Here are my thoughts for a budget makeover:

• Get rid of the cabinets above the peninsula and open up the room to the dining area.

• You can add a decorative stove hood directly from the ceiling, making sure it vents all the way to the outside. But make sure it's the right height so you don't bump your head on it.

• Get rid of the fluorescent lighting fixtures and add recessed can lights.

• If the cabinets are good wood, save them and add new hardware. Or, go for new doors and drawer fronts.

• Replace the tile counters with something nice, like solid surface or granite tiles. You have such small areas to work with that you don't need to spend money on buying a giant slab of granite. You could use offcuts from someone else's project.

• If there is room, canteliver the new countertop 18" to 2' and add bar stools to create a breakfast bar. Get your granite fabricator to cut a retangular piece the width of the stovetop and about 5" high to create a low barrier between the stovetop and the eating area.

• Whatever you do, make sure your paints and finishes and adhesives are nontoxic so that you don't inadvertently harm your new baby.

What's YOUR advice for Sarah? Time is of the essence.

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  1. delane says:

    I am so glad I stumbled across this blog! Great advice about the paints, finishes and adhesives.

    Thank you!

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