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Here’s another view of Reese Lackey’s budget luxury kitchen . . .

Lackeykitchencorner. . . that wouldn’t fit in the previous post.

The reddish granite has a nice glow, and you can see the DCS range. That one lone upper cabinet could look goofy hanging there all by itself, but taking off the door and making it more of a display area was very effective. If the interior was painted a slightly different color, it could look cool.

As for saving money, I’m wondering about that six-inch granite backsplash. That really added some cost. I wonder if a tiled backsplash, up to the bottom of the cabinet, might have been a good idea.

And speaking of that: I have a treat for you on Saturday, an excerpt from a great DIY book from Taunton called 52 Weekend Makeovers: Easy Projects to Transform Your Home Inside and Out. The project I’ll deliver on this blog will show you exactly how to install a tile backsplash. Get your trowel ready.

(Photo: KPR)

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