HGTV Casting Calls

Written By: Kathy Price-Robinson - Jan• 28•10

HGTV BlackJust as the Internet has allowed everyone to become a publisher, HGTV is making it possible for all of us to be TV stars. (Well, if we're attractive and bubbly, that is.)

The shows below are looking for guests and information that may be used in a show. Anything here fit your situation?

Let a Design Star Update Your Home
HGTV Design Star

Let Steve Watson help with your home improvements
Don't Sweat It

Are You Considering Buying a House With Friends or Family?

Compete With Your Neighbors in a Home Design Showdown
Battle on the Block

Have You Recently Renovated a Room in Your Home?
Bang for Your Buck

Are You Buying a Home Outside the United States?
House Hunters International

Are You A Homeowner Selling Your First Place In Denver or Philadelphia?
My First Sale

We're Looking for Couples Who Need Help Designing a Room
Apply now and you could get a room update with the help of an HGTV designer, plus we'll send you on a vacation getaway!

Are You Getting Ready to Buy a Home? We want to show your story on HGTV
House Hunters and House Hunters International

Are you a great designer? Be a part of Design Star!

Are you getting ready to make a big move to a whole new city, state or country? Tell us your story and you could appear on a new series on HGTV.

Would You Like to Take On Your Next Remodeling Project on National TV?
Renovation Realities

Are you buying a home in or near Atlanta, Boulder, New Orleans, Atlantic City, Philadelphia or Westchester, N.Y.?
House Hunters

Are you a homeowner who made a mess of a "do-it-yourself" remodeling project?
Over Your Head

Are you a first-time homebuyer in Philadelphia, Portland or the Washington DC/Baltimore area?
My First Place

Are you confused as to how much your home is really worth? Do you need some impartial real estate advice?
Real Estate Intervention 

Are you a first-time buyer trying to navigate the real estate market?
Property Virgins 

Let Our Talented Team of Craftsmen Take on Your Most Challenging Project!
Hammer Heads

Do you have a compelling home improvement project that seems impossible?
Carter Can

Are you in a rush to buy a new home? Is time running out before you have to move?

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One Comment

  1. Rocky Standridge says:

    Hi my name is Rocky and I’d like to tell you my story. In 1995 my dad died and my mom moved in with me. I worked in a shoe store working 60 to 70 hour weeks managing a store. Then In 1996 my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and had one breast removed. After several months of radiation and chemo, she finally started to get better. But her immune system kept her sick. Then in 2006 due to working so many hours and hereditary heart decease, I had to have a 4-way bypass and it was my moms time to take care of me. After my surgery and I was feeling better in 2008 I told my mom lets change our life and we moved to Daytona Beach Florida where it was warm and she had a sister. I am still single having no time to date taking care of my mom and just trying to get by on her small SSD check. Anyway after moving to Florida I was introduced to someone who was a care taker of disabled adults and one day she asked ask me if I would ever be interested in taking care of someone. At first I said no and then after a couple month and talking to my mom…we decided we would like to try it so we did. We ended up with two boys, one 27 with the mind of a 15 year old and one 20 with the mind of a around 15 also. The two boys get monthly checks that pay for the rent in the house we live in. It’s a 3 bedroom house with one master bath where my mom stays and the two boys have their own room each with a bathroom separating their rooms.
    I ended up staying in a Florida with sliding glass doors and no privacy or bathroom.
    The house is owned by someone who was also taking care of disabled adults and he gives the state a discounted price on this house of $800.00 a month.

    The house was a reck and smelled really bad when we moved in, but after putting new laminate flooring in and scrubbing the walls it is livable. The owner lets me do anything I want to to fix the house up and that is a plus, but I can’t afford to do anymore. Our kitchen is really old and outdated. The blue tiled counter and old two toned cabinets are not very pretty and I feel so bad for my mom living here, but it’s all we can afford. I have no bathroom or closet and live off the dining room in a Florida room and that’s ok with me. I will sacrifice that, but the old kitchen is horrible and the boys bathroom is totally pink. The tile, tub,toilet,sink and walls all pink.

    I really enjoy taking care of the boys and I’m so glad God brought them into our lives. They both call my mom grand-maw and she loves that. I hope to keep them forever and who knows maybe adopt them if possible? My mom and I have learn to love both of them as if they were my children. But I could use your help fixing up the house a little, mostly the kitchen and the boys “PINK” bathroom. Like I said I can live without a closet or bathroom, but I would like to give them a nice place to live and one their not ashamed of. If you could help us out in anyway, I would be forever grateful. Rocky Standridge
    I live in Daytona Beach Florida, cell 386-500-6229

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