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Honey, Who Put the 90-foot Power Pole in Front of Our House?

Power pole

The new urban forest.

So imagine this: One day you look out your front window and see a gleaming 90-foot power pole in front of your house that was not there before.

You’re shocked because you had no notice or warning from the power company, Edison. And that’s because Edison has the right of way and is not required to give you notice, according to an article in the Long Beach Press-Telegram.

This house is in Lakewood, on the northeast corner of Palo Verde Avenue and Centralia Street, in front of Bill and Shelby Ranson’s home of 15 years. An older, shorter, wooden pole on the corner is not an eyesore to them. But this one, right in front of their home, is not setting well with them. They are livid and want the pole removed. Edison says it’s for the greater good.

The Ransons know getting the pole removed is a long shot, and Bill is quoted in the story as saying: “We’re humble, little ant-like people going up against this huge, mega-corporation. We don’t want to mess with them, but what happened wasn’t right.”

What if a pole like this landed in front of your house? Would you fight it? Or accept it?

(Photo: Long Beach Press-Telegram)

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