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If neighbor’s trees grow to block your view, whatcha gonna do?

CabinviewI’m considering leasing a darling vacation cabin near Bass Lake, but I’m concerned that the neighbor’s trees across the street will eventually block the cabin’s mountain views.

I guess I could ask the neighbors if I could pay to get their trees topped off to preserve my view, when the time comes. (It may take awhile as the tree most likely to block my view in the future is an oak.)

But would they go for it? Would I in their situation? It seems risky to buy a place whose greatest virtue — its view — may one day be gone.

Have you ever asked your neighbors to trim view-blocking trees? How did they respond?

Or, have you been asked to trim trees to preserve a neighbor’s view? And did you do it?

Bottom line: Is buying such a cabin too risky for someone who loves a view?

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