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If this self-centered property flipper seems normal to me, have I lived in California too long?

JeffI quite enjoyed watching Jeff Lewis, the narcissistic host of Bravo’s new home improvement show, Flipping Out. Sure, he’s obsessive compulsive. And self-important. And a jerk. But I felt for the guy. He’s going to therapy for goodness sake. He does scream therapy. He’s trying! That’s how I think. But I’ve lived in California my whole life.

Not everyone is so forgiving. Look at these comments on the Flipping Out message board:

• “This guy is a TWIT. . . . He seriously embodies EVERYTHING that is wrong with California. Me, me, me, blah, blah, blah.”

• “This guy does not have one ounce of likeability. He is just rude . . . and inconsiderate.”

• “He makes a mockery about everything that is good about real estate investing and house flipping. The very idea that he has some kind of a pagan ‘prayer’ spoken at a home is blasphemous!”

OK, so I don’t get it. All this guy’s habits sound normal to me. I’ve been to house blessings. I’ve had therapists. I encounter self-centered people all the time.

Watch the first episode online and tell me: If I find this guy tolerable, even sympathetic, have I lived in California too long?

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