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If this self-centered property flipper seems normal to me, have I lived in California too long?

JeffI quite enjoyed watching Jeff Lewis, the narcissistic host of Bravo’s new home improvement show, Flipping Out. Sure, he’s obsessive compulsive. And self-important. And a jerk. But I felt for the guy. He’s going to therapy for goodness sake. He does scream therapy. He’s trying! That’s how I think. But I’ve lived in California my whole life.

Not everyone is so forgiving. Look at these comments on the Flipping Out message board:

• “This guy is a TWIT. . . . He seriously embodies EVERYTHING that is wrong with California. Me, me, me, blah, blah, blah.”

• “This guy does not have one ounce of likeability. He is just rude . . . and inconsiderate.”

• “He makes a mockery about everything that is good about real estate investing and house flipping. The very idea that he has some kind of a pagan ‘prayer’ spoken at a home is blasphemous!”

OK, so I don’t get it. All this guy’s habits sound normal to me. I’ve been to house blessings. I’ve had therapists. I encounter self-centered people all the time.

Watch the first episode online and tell me: If I find this guy tolerable, even sympathetic, have I lived in California too long?

6 Comments on If this self-centered property flipper seems normal to me, have I lived in California too long?

  1. On one episode of Top Chef, one contest referred to another as “a tool and a douchebag.” I think this is a perfect description of Jeff Lewis. Not to say that I don’t enjoy watching the show … which probably means I’ve lived in California too long as well.

  2. This guy needs the “trashboy” to give him in good a$$ whoopin” and all would be right. Either that or knock everything he has perfectly put in line…askew! This dude makes Monk look like a piker.

  3. I’m a contractor with 25 years as a Grip behind me. Although this person is an acceptable designer, his skills as a human being are deplorable. If a client heaped abuse on me like he does, they would get their deposit cheque returned minus the materials and labor expended on the spot. If he so much as whimpered I would see him in court where he would be taken to task for his demonstrated indecision, and abuse. He is such a “stress queen” I would recommend keeping a defibulator on set. Please do not use this man as an example of how to interact with your contractors!

  4. Ah, Lil Gaucha, you miss California! How’s Las Vegas different? Just hotter? And no beach? I hear the schools are great. Still, do you think we who still live here should be counting our blessings? Thanks for writing!

  5. lil_gaucha // August 2, 2007 at 6:42 pm // Reply

    You can never live in California too long.
    – an expat in Vegas.

  6. I love Tori on Bravo’s “Flipping Out”! Before my husband and I got married, I consulted a psychic and like Tori she was right! Now, I visit psychics regularly. The show is so interesting!

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