In the garden, it’s Earth Day every day

Written By: Kathy Price-Robinson - Apr• 22•08

Gardenpath_2Here’s a clever idea, seen in a Santa Monica garden, for paths in your own patch of paradise. You can reuse old bricks, garden tools, tiles, terra cotta pot bottoms and whatnot to make your green journey a little more interesting.

(Photo: Sharon Cavanagh)

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One Comment

  1. lil_gaucha says:

    I hate to say it, but it looks kinda like a trash heap from that angle.
    But I did see a really cool way to re-use stuff in one of my home improvement mags: save your colored bottles and jars, wash ‘em out and bury them neck first as a border for walkways and planters.
    They also had them buried between pavers.
    And they were all sizes from hot sauce jars to giant wine jugs.
    I bet you could even make a patio out of them if you had enough.
    I’m planning to incorporate some into my upcoming patio project. The backyard needs some serious color!

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