Inside the contractor’s mind: The good and the bad

Written By: Kathy Price-Robinson - Jul• 29•07

ContractorThe Journal of Light Construction (one of the best contractor magazines, and one I occasionally write for) asked contractors to reveal the best and worst parts of their jobs. Their answers give clues to how they think:

From John Morrissey: The best part is the design aspect of the project, interacting with the client as to their needs and desires, and putting those into a workable design. The part I could do without is chasing money and all the excuses for non payment.

From Joe Doove: Best part of the job is the early morning before everyone starts making noise and the dust. I like to get to the jobsite before everyone else and take a walk through the jobsite. I find this time gives me a chance to clear my thought for the day ahead and see thing from a different angle. It’s amazing what become simplistic that otherwise seemed complicated the day before during the congestion and grind through out the day before. The part of my job that I could do with out is the stress and daily tension I pickup from fellow colleagues and subcontractors. It’s hard to stay focused when others around you are clearly at their wit’s end.

From Martin J. Kennedy: Best: variety of work and work environments. Making clients happy, especially helping older home owners. Worst: cheap condescending owners who treat you like a registered sex offender.

Read more good and bad.

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