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Is synthetic grass great? Or gross?

Flower2ppl113synlawntrex_2I honestly don’t know about fake grass. In person, it looks terrific. But chewed up tires? Yuck!

Here’s how Flower to the People‘s Pamela Berstler, designer of the cool little SoCal yard you see here, explains it:

There are a lot of eco-pros and cons to using synthetic turf. In this particular situation, where the garden is sunken one floor below the street, and very little light is able to penetrate the area, the synthetic turf is just about the only green solution for a true, clean play surface. Also, in this application, we don’t have to worry about the one con usually brought up — that it gets hot. Here, that isn’t a problem.

Also on the plus side, the material is made from recycled plastic and held in place by recycled tire “crumbs.” A two-stroke engine, the kind in lawn mowers, creates significantly more pollution than a car (since there is no catalytic converter), so with synthetic turf, that carbon load is eliminated. The surface is pervious and yet sheds water, if properly installed with 6 to 12 inches of drainage media beneath.

On the down side, synthetic turf can get hot and it doesn’t put oxygen back into the air. It’s not the right thing in all cases, but it is the groovy eco-solution in this situation.

What say you? Yea or nay?

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(Photo: Flower to the People)

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