Jennifer Aniston’s sumptuous bed: DIY instructions here

Written By: Kathy Price-Robinson - Apr• 13•10

Architectural DigestWhen Jennifer Aniston’s home turned up in Architectural Digest last month, the bed in the master bedroom really caught my eye. As you can see above, it’s an oversized platform with two “ears” for low-slung night stands.

I can imagine one of those ultra-comfortable memory foam mattresses sitting atop this platform. It’s just too yummy.

Best of all, you could actually make this bed yourself with a few tools and a little skill. I asked nationally known carpentry guru Gary Katz of This Is Carpentry for some tips, and he went ahead and drew the whole DIY process out for us.

Check out Gary’s drawings on how to make this bed at DIY Life.

(Photo: Architectural Digest)

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  1. Mike says:

    Nice bed, but I would end up burning it after the 100th time I stubbed my toe in the dark.

  2. I hear ya, Mike. Maybe it needs little running lights built into the perimeter that glow softly at night.

  3. Carpenter says:

    True mike, it looks nice at first glance but would get annoying after a while.

  4. Nice bed, it’s so elegant.

  5. The platform is nice, but could definitely cause some injuries.

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