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Joni’s condo kitchen: Painting the cabinets

This is a bonding experience for the two friends.Joni and her friend Patti, nurses in the same surgical clinic, are making good progress on Joni’s condo kitchen makeover. They have sanded the sheen off the lower cabinets and painted on a brown primer. Here, Joni brushes on a brown paint/glaze combination, and Patti is coming behind her and wiping it with a sport sock turned inside out. Patti got the sock tip from Rick down at the paint store, who is know by his colleagues as Rick-casso, as in Picasso.

After this coat dries, the team will apply a coat of green paint mixed with glaze. Joni got a little worried about "all that green" in her kitchen, and she saw a kitchen in a book with green bottom cabinets and off-white top cabinets. So it was Patti’s idea to go ahead and do the base cabinets with the full green treatment, and then decide what to do on the uppers. That beats holding up the project until the decision on the upper cabinets is made.

A big decision is coming up on the hardware. Patti thinks it should definitely be replaced with something nickel-looking to match the new S track light. Joni could go either way. She likes the original hardware, but could go for something more modern-looking. However, she plans on retaining the bronze-toned hinges either way.

I, on the other hand, think the hardware should not be replaced. I think it will really go with the new colors.

What would you do? Update the cabinet pulls? Update the hinges, as well? Or keep all the originals?

The project so far:

1. Watch a video of Patti explaining the remodel goals
2. Check out Joni’s lighting choices
3. See a slide show of the track light going up and the cabinet coming down
4. Choosing cabinet color and backsplash tile

The budget so far:

Budget: $1,000


Sanding sponge: $5.38
OSH track lighting: $54.65
Paint: $48.44
Paint containers: $6.02
Polyurethane and brush: $36.61
Sandpaper: $11.45

Balance left to spend: $837.45

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