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Laundry room/bathroom combo a great idea

6a00d8341c630a53ef00e5537e9d1d8834-800wiIn a previous post, Andrew C. wondered how to best use the extra space on the ground floor of his Crofton, Md., townhouse. He wanted both a larger laundry area and a bathroom.

Several readers gave good suggestions. Helen thought up a different configuration for the space with room for a big bath and a bigger laundry room.

Readers Jose and modernemama each suggested a stackable washer and dryer to free up space for, perhaps, shelving.

But it was lil_gaucha who has my vote for this idea: Use all the space for a combination laundry room and full bath. Then, Andrew gets a nice big space to do his laundry, and when he sells the townhouse in five years, the appraisal will reflect that extra full bath.

After doing some Internet searching, I see this is not an uncommon use of space. At first it seemed a little odd, having a toilet in the laundry area. But after seeing a few photos, especially with the washer and dryer behind folding doors, I warmed up to the plan.

I was also reminded of Bethany Orlemann’s brilliance when she incorporated the space of her service porch into the kitchen and then added front loaders under a counter. It made her Eagle Rock kitchen much larger and her laundry area is stylish.

(Photos: Bethany Orlemann)

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