Looking for a FEMA-approved contractor? There’s no such thing

Written By: admin - Aug• 29•11

Fema_logo This post ran previously on Kathy’s Remodeling Blog, but it’s good to repeat now, following Hurricane Irene:

Just the other day, someone posted a comment on this blog saying his company’s website listed FEMA-approved contractors looking for work. FEMA, as you probably know, is the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which steps in after disasters.

The only trouble with directing homeowners toward a list of FEMA-approved contractors is that there is no such thing. Here is a direct quote from FEMA:

The Federal Emergency Management Agency neither certifies nor endorses any private-sector contractor. Individuals and government entities should be extremely cautious when hiring contractors after any disaster.

Further, don’t fall for the line that any product is approved or certified by FEMA. A statement like that is just not true. Also from FEMA:

Use of terms such as “FEMA Approved” and “FEMA Tested” are patently false and may well be violations of Federal Trade Commission and state consumer protection laws and regulations.

So whenever you hear someone make the false claim that they or their product is FEMA-approved, you can just assume that everything else they have to say is a bit suspect.

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