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Need some remodeling inspiration? Watch my video

This three-minute YouTube video shows some befores and afters of SoCal remodeling projects I’ve written about. Perhaps they will inspire you. Be sure to turn up the sound.

5 Comments on Need some remodeling inspiration? Watch my video

  1. Hehe.. not an enemy of bathtubs. Can’t imagine a “bubble-shower” ending up well. Just haven’t had a bath in a looooooong time. Wife hasn’t either, but then again she’s a furraner. Seems like a bath is a great place to escape and recharge. Cultural and gender thing, I guess. Poll would be awesome. For those who don’t take baths, have to check who has a jacuzzi and rule those ones out! (cause they *do* take baths). Cool video link to removal of bathtub. Uncool shower curtain, imho.

  2. Not take a bath? I could not tolerate at least one long bath a day. It’s therapy. In my experience, it’s women who take most baths, but I’ve also talked to women (mostly mothers of young kids, and one emergency room doctor I recall) who never take baths. That’s not for me. I will not live in a place without a bathtub. Thanks for the comment, though. I think you’ve given me an idea for a future poll . . .
    And you’ll probably appreciate this previous posting that shows a guy taking out a bathtub in favor of a big shower:

  3. Music good. But… content? Who in the world takes a bath anymore? More form than function?

  4. Daniel, you’re so right! The music (by Diana Krall) sounded so good on my computer! But not so good when it got to the Web. Weak is the right word.
    Please listen to the video again and let me know what you think of the new music. Thanks for the input!

  5. Daniel Koeppel // August 5, 2007 at 11:05 am // Reply

    the video is interesting, but the music? WEAK! I don’t know who it is (Traci Chapman?) but no matter whether or not this is a talented songwriter at work, this soundtrack sideshow makes the whole thing smell like “The Lion King.”
    save me.

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