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PDF Guide—10 Stupid Things Homeowners Do to Mess Up Their Own Remodels — Digital Download

This 70-page digital PDF booklet spells out to you the mistake homeowners innocently make and how you can avoid these same mistakes.

Have you heard the one about the contractor who didn’t finish the job on time or at all, who charged extortionist fees for changes, who became surly and uncooperative? If you’re thinking about a remodel, the horror stories gush like water from a broken hydrant.

But here’s the dirty little secret missing from some of these tales of woe—the bad decisions and less-than-stellar behavior of the homeowners themselves, actions which helped bring about these nightmare remodels.

In my 20 plus years of visiting and writing profiles about hundreds of remodeling jobs, including for the Los Angeles Times, I’ve heard a lot of success stories, but also a lot of unpleasant ones. And even though many homeowners took actions that doomed their own remodels, few will admit their own culpability. Read this book and avoid the stupid.

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