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New home-related recalls

Kenmore wall oven, where gas can build up during extended broiling.Recalls for these products were announced recently by the Consumer Product Safety Commission:

Product: Kenmore wall ovens
Manufacturer: Frigidaire Canada, a sister company of Electrolux Home Products Inc., Cleveland, Ohio
Number recalled: 7,500
Problem: During extended broiling, gas can build in the oven cavity and escape when the oven door is opened. This poses a burn and possible fire hazard to consumers. Electrolux has received 16 reports of incidents involving gas build-up, including flames escaping from the oven door, burns to the hands and face and singed hair.

Product: Fireplace gas valves
Manufacturer: American Flame, Fort Wayne, Ind.
Number recalled: 12,000
Problem: Gas can continue to flow into the fireplace pilot light area after the switch has been turned “off,” posing a fire or explosion hazard.

Product: Sun-shaped candle holders
Importer: Home Depot
Number recalled: 14,000
Problem: Sunlight passing through the glass portion can cause nearby flammable materials to ignite, posing a fire hazard.

Product: Carbon monoxide and carbon monoxide/smoke combo alarms
Manufacturer: Maple Chase Co., Plain City, Ohio
Number recalled: 280,000
Problem: The recalled alarms can sound a “double chirp” in the presence of CO, prior to going into full alarm. Upon hearing a double chirp, the owner’s manual instructions recommend that a consumer take the alarm out of service, which could expose consumers to hazardous levels of CO and suffer injury or death.

(Photo: Consumer Product Safety Commission)

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