New home-related recalls

Written By: Kathy Price-Robinson - Jun• 10•08

Backyard play setBackyard play sets

Units: About 11,000
Distributor: Backyard Leisure LLC, of Pittsburg, Kansas
Hazard: Hangers holding the chains for the gliders can break, causing a child to fall and suffer injuries.
Incidents/injuries: Backyard Leisure has received 114 reports of glider hangers breaking, including three reports of minor injuries to children. Injuries included abrasions and a child being hit in the head by a chain that detached from a hanger. (See photos of more recalled sets.)

Indoor ceiling light fixtures

Units: About 7,500
Importer: Progress Lighting, of Greenville, South Carolina
Hazard: A cable that supports the light fixture from the ceiling can fail, causing the fixture to fall.
Incidents/injuries: Progress Lighting has received five reports of fixtures falling, including a report of an incident in which two consumers suffered bruises.

“Remy” Shag Rugs

Units: About 5,100
Importer: Crate and Barrel, of Northbrook, Illinois
Hazard: The large rugs fail to meet federal standards for flammability and could ignite, posing fire and burn hazards to consumers. The small rugs fail to meet federal labeling requirements. Small rugs are not required to meet the federal flammability standard; however, they are required to be permanently labeled with the following statement: “FLAMMABLE (FAILS U.S. DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE STANDARD FF 2-70): SHOULD NOT BE USED NEAR SOURCES OF IGNITION.”
Incidents/injuries: None reported.

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