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New Limits on McMansions Bring Cheers, Jeers From Readers

Would you like to see this built next to your house?

Would you like to see this built next to your house?

Tuesday’s vote by the L.A. City Council to limit home sizes to 3,000 square feet on 5,000-square-foot flatland lots (a little larger on larger lots) was unanimous at 12 to 0.

But the responses by readers were more, shall we say, well rounded.

Are these restrictions a communist plot? Or necessary to preserve neighborhoods?

Some comments from L.A. Times readers:


“It’s all about restraining those whose selfishness exceeds their social conscience.” — Rocky JS

“The fact of the matter is that these grotesque homes are ugly and that in a few year’s time they will fall into disrepair and hasten the decline of the neighborhoods they infest.” — Ted Burke

“By the way, even 3,000 square feet is pretty darn large!” — Kirsten

“Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.” — Stever R.


“It’s a sad state of affairs when property rights are considered meaningless, and the government starts taking on the right to limit, regulate, and control every last stitch of our lives.” — Sad

“Excuse me!! Who paid for the land???” — Oscar Myer

“Los Angeles is the 2nd largest city of the richest nation on earth — and we’re suddenly limiting the size of new homes (teardowns) to 3000 sq ft? This is nuts!” — David in Los Angeles

“Stupid, Stupid, Stupid.” — David H

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