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One Word on Cooking During a Kitchen Remodel: How?


Before the demolition crew arrives to tear out your old kitchen in favor a new one, consider this: How are you going to eat with no kitchen?

Val and Bernie Van De Yacht (left) collected a stack of restaurant menus before their North Hollywood project started, and Val said it seemed like a vacation. Two weeks later she declared take-out food “gross” and the couple hauled their new microwave oven out of its box in hopes of cooking some fresh vegetables.

Families with children have even bigger challenges during a kitchen remodel, and the experts (parents) over at Parent Hacks have listed several strategies on cooking for a family during a kitchen remodel.

Here are some ideas:

— Set up a temporary kitchen in a laundry room or second bathroom.
— Move the refrigerator to an attached garage, covered patio or even the dining room.
— Make use of a steamer, rice maker, toaster oven, microwave and crockpot.
— Use a breadmaker to fill the home with comfort-food aromas.
— Cook and freeze meals in advance, then reheat during the remodel.
— Barbecue!

(Photo: Myung J. Chun, Los Angeles Times)

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