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Oops! Might want to reconsider that plan

OpsahlsinkThe people I interview are generally thrilled to tears with their completed remodel, either because it all came together despite their doubts and fears, or simply because it’s done.

But after a remodel is lived with for a bit, its weaknesses reveal themselves. Sometimes I drop a line to people I’ve visited during those glorious post-remodel days and ask: “What do you think of it now? What would you do different?”

They always have so much to say!

In this kitchen, in an Eichler home in Orange, the homeowners regretted putting that granite strip between the two halves of the sink. While they had insisted on this design for the aesthetics, the dripping that occurs as the faucet swings from side to side, and the consequent spotting, drives them batty.

A few other regrets on this remodel: They wish they’d gotten a double oven, instead of a single. And they wish they’d paid an extra $100 or so to get their new skylight motorized while the walls were open and accessible. Without the motor, they have to haul out a long pole to open and close the skylight. In retrospect, that was not a good place to pinch pennies.

Had any regrets with a remodel? What would you do different next time? Share with us! Help us! Post a comment below.

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