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Orlando Bloom paints his house black? Not sure about that

BloomblackA story in the New York Post says actor Orlando Bloom painted his newly purchased, $2.7-million Hollywood Hills house black and that some actresses who live nearby are upset.

But . . . I’m not sure it’s really black. Seems more like dark gray to me. And anyway it looks cool. And would these talented young women spend their time worrying about the color of someone else’s house? And really, who’s business is it? Isn’t that why you live in the Hollywood Hills? To do your own thing?

What do you think?

3 Comments on Orlando Bloom paints his house black? Not sure about that

  1. doesntmatter // April 28, 2008 at 8:27 pm // Reply

    i dont think its really anyones biz if he paints his house black or if he paints it bright pink. hes the one that bought the house anyways…and i think it looks great…..its super original. his neighbors should get out of their rut of always making their houses white for god’s sake.

  2. i say why not? who cares, it’s only a colour!

  3. hard to tell the whole story from the picture, but i think it looks really neat. it kind of blends into nature.

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