Oval Office Before and After — Hot or Not Hot?

Written By: admin - Sep• 05•10

Since the 1930s, every president except Jimmy Carter has redecorated the Oval Office at the beginning of their term(s).

Here is the office as decorated by George W. Bush:


And here is the remodel by Barack Obama:

Oval Office After

And a side-by-side view:

Oval Office Before and After

How do you think Obama’s team did?

Here’s a story of the decorating. Photos by AP.

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  1. Jerry York says:

    This was a difficult vote because both have some good qualities. I like the wall paper from Obama, but I prefer the carpet and bigger seal of Bush.

  2. Marlana says:

    George W. Bush is my pick because of the rug,table and chairs. The beautiful roses are a bonus!

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