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David Kean Bought it Bland, Made it Grand

When David Kean set out to buy his first home, he was looking for two things: old and charming. He envisioned thick crown molding and hardwood floors. But there was a glitch in his plan. “Old and charming was too expensive,” said Kean, [...]



HGTV Casting Calls

  • BP_HBUSE_Drew-Jonathan-Scott-hosts_4x3.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.231.174
    Just as the Internet has allowed everyone to become a publisher, HGTV is making it possible for all of us to be TV stars. (Well, if we’re attractive and bubbly, that [...]

New Orleans House Paint Colors

Coping Skills During Remodeling

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    There’s an interesting story by Michelle Hoffmann in today’s Real Estate section titled: Weekend wasters struggle with DIY home-repair [...]
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    I don’t mean to make fun of these adorable children dressed up like adults. Really I don’t. They’re precious. But this image got me [...]
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    You know why this kitchen in Dani Taylor’s Northridge, Calif., house is so good-looking? That’s because she had so many years to think [...]
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    Kitchen before The fact that Judy and Roy Uehara’s dingy, cramped 27-year-old kitchen and adjacent family room were transformed into a [...]


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