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Video: Green Claremont Fire Rebuild

We first met this wonderful couple — Vern and Deb Jahnke — earlier this year when they gave me a tour of their Claremont home. You can see photos of their very green home and read their inspiring story. Now you can also see the gorgeous [...]



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Coping Skills During Remodeling

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    Before its major remodel, this 1921 Granada Hills home had virtually no discernable exterior style. That’s because the original house had been [...]
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    Here’s one of my favorite kitchens, built by Corona homeowner Rick Taylor for $7,500 during a three-week vacation. But here’s the best [...]
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    As far as I can tell, half the battle in remodeling is maintaining some semblance of sanity during the chaos. In a tragic coincidence, the people [...]
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    I was chatting not too long ago with an acquaintance who is a flooring contractor, known heretofore as “Flooring Guy.” So Flooring Guy [...]


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