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Poll: Should Bathroom Light Point Up or Down?


A reader sent in this question and I’m glad because I’m having the same quandary.

The question: I’ll be purchasing lighting for above a bathroom mirror. Which is better? Mounting the fixture so the lights point down or point up? Currently there is a bar fixture so I have no experience with this lighting issue. Thank you!

In my case, it’s a classic debate about form vs. function. As you can see by the photo, I recently replaced a chrome and glass cabinet/light combination with a new $100 light fixture from Home Depot. (Still to come: New mirror, sink, counter, fixture, vanity, backsplash, floor, tub and window. But hey, the light is a start!)

I pointed the three bulbs up to highlight the pitched wood ceiling, the small room’s best feature. But I’ve noticed that the light for applying makeup or shaving is not so good.

I’ve toyed with the idea of turning it around to point down, or to somehow add sconces on either side of the mirror for more light. What’s your opinion?

Should the bulbs point down to shine on the sink and the person, or shoot up to reflect light on the ceiling and make the room seem more spacious?

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