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Poll: Should Green Building be Mandated?

Green buildingHome builders tend to be pro choice when it comes to green building. And who can blame them? I know I don’t like to be told what to do, especially if it’s going to cost me time, effort and/or money.

Still, what would our housing be like if current building codes were voluntary? What if structural safety and fire resistance were optional? There was a time when houses were advertised as being built according to code. Those days are long past, and code compliance is now required by law.

So what about water- and energy-efficiency, and the impact that resource-wasting homes have on our pocketbooks, economy, environment and even national security?

What about nontoxic interiors? While each product or material in a home may be regulated by the government for toxicity, laws do not generally require the cumulative outgassing in a new home to be tested and mitigated. Do you care about that? Is it a case of buyer beware? Should you pay to have the air tested for formaldehyde before you buy a new home?

So what do you think? Should building green (which means homes that are water- and energy-efficient, with good indoor air quality and that are resource-efficient) be an option or a requirement?