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Poll: Should the power company be able to adjust your thermostat?

Thermostat**UPDATE: Jan. 16: “State officials have ditched a plan to require remote-controlled thermostats in homes and businesses.” (San Francisco Chronicle) But you may be able to request one if you’re so inclined. Read more**

Here’s one way to prevent blackouts during times of high power demand:

Equip homes and businesses with remote-control thermostats that allow an energy company to limit how hot or cool your house can be when power demand threatens to crash the system.

This idea is being proposed by the California Energy Commission.

I like the idea of a remote-control thermostat. Let’s say I will getting home later than I planned. I could go online, or make a phone call, and signal to my thermostat to hold off getting my house up to a comfortable temperature. That could be fun.

But if another entity was controlling my thermostat, well, that could be creepy. Read the whole story at the San Francisco Chronicle and Gwinnett Daily Online. It’s also being vigorously discussed on talk radio.

The California Energy Commission will consider "smart thermostats" on Jan. 30 in Sacramento.

Public comments on the issue can be submitted by e-mail to, or mailed to 2008 Energy Efficiency Building Standards Docket; Attention: C. Gekas, California Energy Commission; 1516 9th St.; Sacramento, CA 95814.

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