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Kathy's Remodeling BlogSo what do you do if the front of your house has virtually no character? No charm? No distinction?

What if your front porch is little more than a couple of concrete steps and a slight extension of the roofline?

If you’re Arnie and Lily Richards, you take some action, as they did on their Downey home.

We met Arnie and Lily previously, when we visited their new DIY kitchen.

That project turned out so well that they decided to attack this other problem, the problem of nondistinction.

As you can see from the top photo, they designed and built a large porch with a distinctive roof, plastered columns and a tile deck with steps leading off the front and both sides.

How do you think they did with it?

My take: I say bravo to this couple for their initiative and energy. If this was my new porch, I’d replace those wooden (or wood-look) spindles and railing with thick stone-like columns and a wrought-iron railing. To me, that would be a killer look.

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