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Rate This Remodel: three fireplaces in three cities

Fireplaces2With winter supposedly coming our way, thoughts may turn to fireplace upgrades. Here are three fireplace remodels readers have been kind enough to share with me. I’d like to know which is your favorite, based on all criteria, including cost.

1. Craftsman: The top left fireplace is in San Diego, and the owner tells me it cost $2,600, which included expert craftsmanship from a talented friend. What a transformation from the original faux stone fireplace, top right, we’ve all seen too many of.

2. Rock: The Corona fireplace, middle right, was a DIY (with neighborly help) upgrade with river rock that cost less than $1,000. This river rock is really gorgeous. I’m sure it looks even better with a quarter cord of firewood stacked to the left. The before photo, bottom right, shows that it was impossibly sterile.

3. White: The owner of this Reseda fireplace, bottom left, says it’s a "woman’s fireplace," with the white paint, shuttered mirror and places for trinkets, photos and mementos. The before photo to its right shows 1970s wood and mirrored slats. The redo cost $700.

Want to share your remodel? Send before and after images to me, along with a few paragraphs explaining the project, including the cost. We’d love to see your masterpiece!

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