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Rate This Remodel: Wide open spaces (in the bathroom)

MabaribeforeThe cool thing about this story is that one of the homeowners who remodeled this bathroom, Deb, grew up in this house. But after her family sold the house, it declined over the years. Deb avoided driving past her childhood home, even though she lived nearby, because it was so depressing.

Then, two events happened at once: Deb’s tax person told her she needed to buy a property for a tax shelter. And, as she saw one day when she drove by the house as a shortcut to work, the house was for sale. Deb called her partner and said: I know the house we’re going to buy.

This bathroom remodel was part of a $150,000 whole-house upgrade. The biggest changes in this room were moving the vanity out of the corner to make way for a claw-foot tub, and enlarging the window.

In the old bathroom, there was a shower/tub combination to the left. In the new bathroom, that area serves as an airy shower. I like the tiled half-wall of the shower. It doesn’t have to be all glass or all tile. Half and half is good. And those white horizontal tiles are quite trendy. The vanity with raised sinks was custom made. The plate-rail-height bead board gives it the country look I like, and the wall color was artfully chosen.

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(Photo: BRIAN WALSKI / Los Angeles Times)

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