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Reader Letter: How to Find an Architect?

Kathy's Remodeling BlogToday’s query comes from Michael H. in the Beachwood Canyon area of Los Angeles:

I’d like to enlist an architect to help me with some design work for a remodel, including load calculations (I need to take down some walls).

My end goal is to have plans in hand that I can shop to contractors. I’ve had several preliminary discussions with various contractors about what I want but they can’t get specific about cost or schedule until I get architect-specific about exactly what I want.

I haven’t gotten much feedback from Angie’s List inquiries, nor from Craigslist. And it seems like the fancy architects are all in-house at a design firm (and probably fantastically expensive for what I want).

Do you have any advice for where to look for someone basic and reliable? Or am I searching for an animal that doesn’t exist?

Thanks in advance. — Michael

What advice do you have for Michael? (My advice is posted in the comment section below.)

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