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Reader Willie wants to share his remodel

WilliekitchenReader Willie has provided a link to photos of his remodel. I understand Willie acted as his own contractor on this recently finished project, and that he plans on staying in this home as long as he can navigate the stairs.

Willie, it’s a gorgeous remodel. Congratulations.

I have a few questions about the kitchen (pictured):

Where did you get those beautiful cabinets?

What kind of wood are they made of?

Is that granite on the counters and backsplash?

If so, what kind of granite?

Thank you!

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  1. The cabinets are made of cherry and they can be bought thru any cabinet shop specializing in prefrabricated cabinetry, no particle board here!. However, the place where I got them was Cabinet City, they offer other services, but I would not recomend them for anything else other than to provide cabinetry, you can get the rest (installation, granite, fixtures and hardware) somewhere else and have your own handiman install it for you.
    The backsplash is granite and the name of it is Golden Ray aka Golden Sun. This granite is very expensive since it is considererd exotic. Home Depot may sell this at about $300.00 to $500.00 per sqf. installed. In my case I went ot Bedrossian and bought the slab at about $60.00 per sqf. The cost for the whole slab was about $2400.00. Thiat was enough to do the the whole kitchen, a small countertop in the kids’ bathroom and the countertop for the entertainment center with a little bit left. The floor was granite. However, my kitchen is not that big.
    By the way, thanks for the compliment it was a challenge to have the whole job completed in three months.

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