Recent appliance recalls . . . or, that’s why you fill out warranty registration cards

Written By: Kathy Price-Robinson - Jul• 25•07

Geoven2_2When you buy new appliances, do you fill out the warranty registration cards? I don’t. I get tired of spreading my information to marketers.

However . . . as I’ve been perusing the product recall website of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission I realized, uh oh, those cards are how I would be contacted if my purchase is recalled for a defect.

The good news first: there have been no recalls announced by the CPSC this year for any refrigerators, espresso/cappuccino machines, clothes dryers, toaster ovens, garage door openers and many other well-made items.

But there have been recalls. Here’s a small sample of the action in just the past few months:

General Electric recalls 2.5 million dishwashers due to fire hazard (May 16)
Asko Cylinda recalls 130,000 DW95 Series dishwashers due to fire hazard (June 14)
Petters Consumer Brands recalls 300 Sunbeam Over-the-Range Microwaves for fire hazard (July 17)
Fire hazard with 42,000 Thermador® Built-In Ovens leads to recall by BSH Home Appliances Corp. (June 29)
2000 Thermador Ceramic Cooktops recalled by BSH Home Appliances Corp. due to fire hazard (June 7)
General Electric recalls 2,600 Gas ranges due to fire hazard (June 6)

Find more recalls according to product type or check out recent recalls.

Questions: Have you ever owned a recalled appliance? How did it work out for you?

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  1. lufthanza says:

    Personally I never bother with the reg cards, but when everything breaks 10 months later I regret it!

  2. ALEX says:

    I don’t waste time to fill up those forms, anyway it’s more easy to buy new one than get warranty coverage.

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