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Refinish or Replace the Bathtub?

Bathtub450x450Q: My bathtub is a mess, and a friend told me to consider refinishing. I read online that bathtub re-glazing might not be the wisest thing. I’ve always wanted a clawfoot bathtub, but maybe it’s not too practical. To further complicate things, there is a possibility that my mother will come live with me, so perhaps I should be looking at walk-in bathtubs. — Nancy W., Memphis

A: You have the home improvement disease known as “paralysis by analysis.” It’s quite common. In fact, just the fear of having to decide among hundreds of choices stops many people from even starting a project.

I would suggest that you think first about the real prospects that your mother will come to stay with you. That is the primary variable. Even if you plan this remodel job around her, you may have all sorts of options and will be able to a get a tub that provides safety as well as good looks

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