Remodeling in History: How to remodel your garage for only $1,618

Written By: admin - Sep• 07•11

Here’s a clever ad that ran July 9, 1965 in the St. Petersburg Independent:

 The newspaper ad reads: “Buy an Opel Kadett. Put it in your garage and suddenly your garage never looked so cavernous. Opel’s 58 inches of width makes all sorts of room for tricycles, lawn mowers, bushel baskets and sleds. However, do not be deceived. Opel may be small outside, but it’s a different story inside. GM built this 2-door sedan with 35.1 inches of leg room and 46.3 inches of shoulder room in the front. It allso has a 46-hp engine, bucket seats, 4-speed floor shift, windshield washer, plus a lot of other little surprises. So do your garage a favor. Go to your Buick-Opel dealer now, before you forget all the good things. And keep your ears open. You’re in the place where money talks.”

Here’s what it looked like in person:

Photo: Classic Car Blog

You can read more about this storied automobile here.

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