Rosarito Beach condo remodel

Written By: Kathy Price-Robinson - Jun• 21•13


How did Don Maurizio puzzle out the cabinet installation in his Rosarito Beach kitchen? Click here to read the whole story.

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  1. Inland Empire says:

    Nice job. We recently had a meeting at work with our security division advising us NOT to go to Mexico because of all the kidnappings, shootings, assaults etc. So buying in Mexico might not be an alternative for most.

  2. sheila says:

    i think it’s so great that they shared their process with us, as well as their details. thank you!
    from an aesthetic position, the ceilings and view improvements are absolutely marvelous!! these “bones” are so important in a remodel…
    i suspect i am in the minority, though, when i feel terribly disappointed to see these major renovations that look so “off the shelf.” there is very little charm, in my opinion, to many of the most mainstream materials found at Home Depot, Ikea and Costco, and so much charm in the hand-made tiles, textiles and furniture of Mexico, Morocco, Bali and elsewhere. I guess if it were me, i would have used mainly local artisan and/or second-hand and/or salvaged materials, fixtures and furnishings, and supplemented with items that scream “home improvement store.” but, as i say, i believe i am very much in the minority from the articles and neighbors’ taste i have seen…
    congrats to the family on building what they wanted on such a reasonable budget!

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