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Save money on a remodel by eliminating bathtub? I doubt it

An article by CNN (see it here) suggests saving money by eliminating your bathtub in favor of a shower only. 

I question the numbers here: $2,000 for a tub vs. $1,000 for a shower. The article claims that by eliminating the tub you are saving $1,000.

But depending on where you shop and the quality of fixtures and tile you shop for, you could just as easily say that a shower costs $2,000 and a tub costs $1,000. Heck, you could even cook the books and claim a shower costs $10,000 and a bathtub costs $300.

There may be good reasons for eliminating the tub. You can have a great big walk-in shower if the tub is eliminated. And you might save water and money as showers generally need less of those.

But as a daily bath-taker (I call it bath therapy), getting rid of such of source of comfort to save (supposedly) a few buck is foolish. What do you think?
(Image: CNN)
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