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Seeking Sanity Amid Chaos

6a00d8341c630a53ef00e54f8f48958834-800wiAs far as I can tell, half the battle in remodeling is maintaining some semblance of sanity during the chaos.

In a tragic coincidence, the people most likely to remodel are the very people who most need their homes for sanctuary, serenity and sanity. Unless you’re flipping a house, that is, and then never mind.

But for those of us for whom home is everything, remodeling must be done, and sanity must be sought.

In the living room shown here, Betty Frazier of Leisure World, who was in her 80s when she undertook a whole-condo redo, had a few tricks to maintain her composure while her home was asunder:

• She went to Starbucks often to enjoy a latte.
• She brought home design magazines with her to keep her inspired and hopeful that this mess would become her haven. (And don’t you just love what she did with the place?)
• Lots of driving around to find deals on stuff. When her friend asked if she was afraid of getting lost on her forays, Betty said no, in fact that’s how you find tucked-away upholstery and tile and woodworking shops, by getting lost.
• And finally, Betty kept in mind her life philosophy, which is embroidered on a towel in her guest bath:

Life’s journey is not to arrive safely at the grave in a well-preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting “Holy Cow . . . What a ride!”

How do you stay sane during a remodel? Or do you?

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