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Shower Power in a Los Angeles Area Bungalow

6a00d8341c630a53ef00e54fb53be58834-800wiIn response to Erik’s bathroom design challenge (below), I’d like to offer this bathroom that was remodeled by Kristina and David in the Glassell Park area of Los Angeles.

I’d been out to the house recently to see their new kitchen, which will be appearing soon in my Pardon Our Dust series in the newspaper. While I was there, they showed me this bathroom, and the “before” photos. It’s amazingly similar in style and layout to Erik’s bathroom.

The main issue I’m focusing on here is the shower, which was previously little more than a boring box in the wall. Because there was water damage, Kristina and David were motivated to make more radical changes than one normally would in an already functional space.

To add interest to the shower (besides redoing it and making it waterproof), they added an arch over the top to match other arches in the 1941 house. This raising of the doorway into the shower makes it so much brighter in there, and thus makes the whole showering experience more enjoyable.

Plus, they had that great door custom-made for about $500. In Erik’s bathroom, I think such a door would add a touch of class, and allow him to get rid of the white shower curtain (echoing a thought by reader “tarbubble”). Also, the tile the couple added was complimentary to the original yellow and blue tile you can see on the vanity and walls, but they didn’t even try to replicate it, which I think was wise.

And finally, see how the light-colored walls really help the original tile pop? I think that Erik’s bathroom would benefit from lighter walls.

This bathroom update, which included a whole new sub floor and floor tiles, cost about $5,000.

How do you think Kristina and David did with their bathroom update?

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